Singer Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Singer confidence quilter computerized sewing and quilting machine

Finding the perfect sewing machine can be stressful for some people, merely because these machines are not simple. People want a product that guarantees that they have made the right choice.

Those considering buying a new sewing machine need worry no more with the Singer Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine. This machine has amazing features that are loved by both beginner and expert quilters and sewers and comes at a very right recommendation by real customers.


Singer’s product information compared with online ratings and customer comments give a good idea of what to expect with this product. Doing a little bit of research or reading up on some customer reviews regarding the Singer Quilting Machine provided an overview of the product’s general information and features, conveniently online.

The Singer Quilting Machine sits at seventeen inches by eight inches by almost thirteen inches in dimensions and has a shipping weight of fifteen pounds.

This factory serviced sewing machine comes with a new twenty-five-year limited warranty. It is a one hundred and ten-volt machine that was designed for North American standard outlets.

The Singer 7469Q Singer Quilting Machine can be used in countries with alternative outlet sources, although a power adapter will have to be purchased separately.

The Singer Quilting Machine is the perfect machine for new and skilled quilters alike. Its advanced features include the drop and sew bobbin system; it’s programmable up and down needle necessary for free-motion sewing, it’s twin needle sewing capabilities, and extendable tables and push-button stitch selection.

These are the features that make sewing both enjoyable and relaxing. Make your way through ninety-eight stitch patterns with adjustable stitch length and width, including the big passer feet, allowing for ultimate creativity.

The Singer Quilting Machine’s programmable up/down needle is vital for piecing together patchworks. Quilting, pivoting, and appliqueing fabric is as easy as setting the needle in the down position.

The Singer Quilting Machine comes with four bonus quilting feet to expand your creative possibilities. Use the darning and embroidery foot for stripping, the feed/walking foot for a smooth fabric flow, and its open toed foot for visibility, all together with a quarter-inch foot to piece together quilting blocks.

The large work surface allows users to manage large quilts and more sewing projects with ease. We’re very pleased to have this excellent product in our inventory.


Based on feedback provided from real customers who recently purchased the  Singer Quilting Machine, the overall consensus is one of positivity. The automatic needle threader and drop & sew bobbin system reportedly make for a quick and easy setup.

The Singer Quilting Machine is recommended for both beginners and advanced sewers. With seven fully automatic buttonholes and the ninety-eight built-in stitches, this machine provides endless project possibilities.

The Singer Machine has a programmable up-and-down needle and drop feed, making quilting fun and easy. Real customers love the Singer Quilting Machine’s winning combination of bonus quilting feet and an extension table, as well.


Other customers had some complaints, claiming that the Singer Quilting Machine is “fussy with thread,” and that “the light is incredibly dim.” Those considering buying this product may want to consider having a workspace with good lighting before making this purchase. It does, however, do fairly well with free-motion quilting, as some customers reported.

One comment online, claims that the instruction book doesn’t have a section for the machine’s quilting aspects. One customer complained about high shipping charges. Singer cannot be held accountable for this, however, and most customers agreed that the machine is worth the price.

Price Comparison

The Singer Quilting Machine is placed in the mid price range. Other machines can be found for as low as fifty dollars, but will not deliver on quality.

There are sewing machines available that cost upwards of six hundred dollars as well, but the features that they offer may not be necessary. All in all, the Singer  Quilting Machine gives good value and many features for a reasonable price.


Not one customer questioned Singer’s quality. After carefully dissecting all the features and the 4.1 out of 5 available star feedback provided by real customers, results suggest that the Singer Quilting Machine met and exceeded customer expectations, most of the time.

Enjoy the computerized features of the Singer Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine. When in doubt in considering your purchase, ask questions among other people that you know who quilt or sew, or check into an online forum.

As always, be sure to use caution when using a new sewing machine for the first time, as it may have dimensions that you are not used to. Young people should use this machine under the direction of a responsible adult until they are comfortable with sole use.

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