Sewing and Quilting Clips Review

Any quilter knows that you need pins to produce a beautiful, well made, properly sewn quilt. What some quilters may not know is that there is an even better solution to your pinning needs; the quilting clip.

Sewing and Quilting clips are a bit of sewing wonder. They allow for consistent use, particularly in bulk project making, or projects with thick layers. At whatever time that a needle is not appropriate, or more hands are required to hold something, these quilt clips certainly come in handy.

Quilting clips were very costly when introduced, and the clips came in little packs of ten or twenty. Costs have dropped incredibly since then, and consumers can now get a box of 50, or even 100, clips for less than twenty dollars.

The top rated sewing clips on Amazon are the Evergreen Art Supply Sewing and Quilting Craft Clips.


Binder clips and cloth pins are no longer needed for quilting and sewing applications. Struggling to hold together layers of fabric when quilting, sewing, or crafting can be banished as well.

There are so many available materials for sewing like vinyl and leather, which require the security of a clip rather than a pin. When using other delicate fabrics, pinning can sometimes leave a permanent hole in the fabric.

Sewing clips are a creative and innovative new sewing accessory that is designed with beginner and expert sewers, quilters, and crafters in mind. These clips help with the trickier sewing tasks and specialized fabrics.

Every single element of the design of this product is thought out carefully to make for a functional and efficient sewing option. These clips can be super handy when you want to fold the fabric along the edges or hold material in place while working down a fabric fold.

These clips work well for holding together layered sections of material, as well. Binding techniques are made easier for larger quilting projects with these transparent clips, as quilters can see what they are doing much clearer.

Benefits of Using Quilting Clips

There are many reasons to test drive a set of quilting clips. Below, are just some of the benefits of using clips on your next sewing or quilting project, many of these reasons are even based on the feedback provided by the customers who have used it and shared their experience.

Hold Several Layers at Once

Sewers, Crafters, and Quilters love this product. Multiple layers of fabrics are easily held with these clips and materials are kept firmly in place without leaving holes.

Can Be Left on While Sewing

Many clips, including the Evergreen set, have a smooth feed factor, which means clips can be left on the fabric while running it through the sewing machine.

This feature is a huge advantage when compared to other clips and pins. They are easy to clip on and off as well, because of the strong spring. With the easy handling of clips, creativity will shine through.

Come in a Variety of Colors and Patterns

Many quilt clips are made of transparent, colored plastic with distinctive markings to help with measuring the depth of materials. They also help with the alignment of multiple clips without needing an extra hand.

If transparency isn’t a concern, you also have the choice of some very cute patterns, like floral, stripes, or polka dots in different colors.

Safer for Young Crafters

Obviously you don’t want to be handing a pincushion loaded with sharp, pointy things over to a child, so if you have a young crafter interesting in sewing or quilting, these clips are a much safer option for holding their projects together. And let’s be honest… How many times have you pricked your own fingers?! Those poor fingertips need a break!

Many Reviews Online

Beginner and experienced quilters, sewers, and craft lovers apparently appreciate these highly-rated clips are available for purchase online, as real customer reviews have expressed. I couldn’t agree more. With the exception of groceries, I basically do all my shopping online so reading reviews is quite important to me!

Downsides of Quilting Clips

Yeah yeah, we get it, quilting clips are amazing… but what are the downsides? Well to be honest, there aren’t many.

Based on the reviews of nearly 1500 people, and that’s for just this brand, most crafters agree that quilt clips are a Godsend. However, with that said, that doesn’t mean there are no negative reviews.

After reading the very few 1 and 2 star reviews, it’s clear that some customers were surprised by the sizes or colors of the clips they received, and ultimately rated their ‘experience’ rather than the product itself. My suggestion, make sure to carefully read all descriptions before buying to make sure you get exactly what you want!

There are also some customers who just prefer typical sewing pins to these new and innovative clips for one reason or another.

If you’ve never used sewing and quilting craft clips like these before, watch this side by side comparison of clips verse pins.

Price Comparison

Quilting clips are so popular now, that there are many similar products available online, and the price ranges vary depending on quality and packaging (a set that comes in a nice tin may cost more). You can find set of 100 clips for as low as $6-8 dollars, but the plastic may not feel as thick and the spring mechanism might feel chintzy. Some sets are very expensive, like the Clover Wonder Clips. While they are highly rated, the are substantially more expensive than other clips.

My suggestion is a set that is right in the middle, the Evergreen Art Supply Quilting Craft Clips


The quality of the Evergreen Art Supply Quilting Craft Clips in never questioned in real customer reviews. These clips are a Best Seller and with nearly 1500 reviews, over 95% of them being very positive, it seems like a safe choice.

After carefully dissecting all the features and feedback provided by real customers, as well as all the features and benefits to using quilting clips, I highly recommended these for any sewer or quilter.

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