Must-Have Quilting Tools for Beginners

Must-have quilting tools for beginners

Choosing the right quilting tools and supplies when beginning quilting is crucial towards achieving the goal of becoming an expert quilter. There are plenty of quilt kits available online today for the beginner quilter. These kits, however, do not necessarily come with absolutely everything needed for a beautiful finished craft.

A good craft table or large, hard work surface is necessary for most quilters. Advanced quilters ensure that they have a large work desk, or other flat and hard surface when they are sewing and quilting.

Advanced quilters also ensure that their work area is clean and organized, to avoid any confusion once they get involved in a new project. In addition to a clean and organized work space, experts recommend a few must-have quilting tools for those who are beginning quilting – a kit, plus a few more supplies deemed to be necessary. Tools for cutting, pins, and a sewing machine.

A Good Beginner’s Quilting Kit

Each kit is different from one another in size, price, usability and features. Comparing quilt kits for beginner quilters is important before purchase, as a lot of time will be going into the final product. All kits provide fabrics and instructions, so it is a matter of preferred finished design.

Before purchasing a quilt kit, think of a few important guidelines. Firstly, look at the fabric. Is it a color and design that you like? Also, look at the size of the finished product to find one that suits you, and the amount of time you want to put into the craft.

Expert quilters know how to take a big quilt and make it smaller, or perhaps add fabric to an existing pattern, but beginner quilters may not yet have this skill. Find out the actual size of the kit before purchase, to avoid disappointment. Some kits offer a choice of size.

Look for quality as well. Some kits are very inexpensive but do not come with durable or high-quality fabric. Others are very expensive and offer luxury fabrics that you may not want. Many people opt for a balance between price and quality, whereas others may want a very inexpensive option for their first attempt at quilting.





   Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit-22″X22″  $$  4.1/5.0
   flic-flac 50pcs 12 x 12 inches (30cmx30cm) Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle  $$  4.2/5.0
   Fiskars 3 Piece Rotary Cutting Set  $$  4.7/5.0
   SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine  $$$  4.1/5.0
   Set of 100 Pcs Embroidex Premium NO PINS! CQuilting Crafts Clips  $$  4.8/5.0
   16 Pcs Set Bias Tape Maker Kit for Sewing & Quilting Awl and Binder Foot  $  4.0/5.0
   Grip & Stitch Free Motion Machine Quilting Disks Clever Craft Tools  $$  4.4/5.0
   Omnigrid Quilters Travel Case  $$  4.9/5.0
  Hancy 4-Ounce Quilt Pounce Pad with Chalk Powder, White  $  4.0/5.0
   Quilting Creations Large Stipple Quilt Stencil  $  4.5/5.0

Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit

One of the most popular kits on the market for beginners is the Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit. The Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit is suitable for both expert quilters and beginners. The Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit is loved among quilters because it includes many items together in one package.


Technically, the Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit is manufactured with beginner quilters in mind. Highlighted features included in the eight by eleven inch kit make for a high online rating, averaging four out of five stars.

The price of this kit is considerably low compared to similar products available for purchase. This kit is not only for beginners but also for intermediate and expert quilters, and the finished product can be used for decoration, or it can serve to be functional within the home as well.


The Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit has some great features. Beginner and expert quilters both love that this is a quilt that is beautiful enough to hang on the wall, that can also be used for warmth if needed, or handed down to younger generations for sentimental value.

The linings are outstandingly adjusted in this kit, allowing for less effort when cutting is required. Quilters also have the option to add extra patterns if they prefer an alternate look.


The Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit kit is affordable in price and of high quality, but the kit has some reported setbacks as well. According to user feedback, the kit includes fabric that is of lower quality than what might have been purchased individually.

The actual size of the kit may differ from the displayed size as well, as some reviews suggested. This feedback suggests that the kit does not come with the desired balance of price and quality when compared to similar kits available for purchase. The colors are different from the description. It happens for the lack in quality and pattern combination.

Though there are some negative opinions, the Rachel’s Of Greenfield Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Quilt Kit remains an excellent choice for beginner quilters, not only because it includes all necessary supplies and materials, but detailed instructions as well. Just remember to specify your desired pattern size when ordering, to avoid disappointment.

The Flic-Flac Quilting Kit

When put to the test of actual customer review, this all-in-one kit is described as an excellent choice for beginner quilters. The project can begin right after opening, and instructions include many variations which add extra convenience for quilters. Instead of choosing a high-cost kit that may not deliver on quality, consider the Flic-Flac Quilting Kit.


The Flic-Flac Quilting Kit has some amazing features and qualities. There are 25 pieces of quilt sheets included in the box. All of the quilt sheets vary from one another in pattern and color, but the size remains the same at eight by eight inches. This size is perfect for quilters of any level.

The fabric material is made from cotton, so the quilter does not need to worry about unnecessary shrinking or wrinkling after the project is completed. The sheets are incredibly comfortable for cutting and sewing, and the price is lower than other high-end quilting kits.


There are a lot of advantageous aspects of choosing to purchase the Flic-Flac Quilting Kit. The overall material is durable and flexible allowing for easy decoration without putting in any extra effort.

Its size makes the kit ideal for making small dresses for dolls or accessory covers. School projects can also be completed with this kit. The quilting kit is easy to iron, and the chance of fabric getting wrinkled is significantly less in comparison to the material provided in other quilting kits.

Designing and crafting tasks are made easier with this product as well. The end product is attractive, and beginner mistakes are not as apparent.


One common complaint among real customers include claims that the variety in the design of twenty-five sheets creates misconception while sewing, causing mistakes and errors that could have been avoided with different fabric. Otherwise, all other features were above satisfaction and fulfilled customer requirements to be considered among the top quilting kits available for the beginners.

In short, the Flic-Flac Quilting Kit is a high-quality product that enhances the enjoyment of creating a quilt. This product is highly recommended for quilters of all levels, especially beginners.

A Good Rotary Cutting Set

A good tool for cutting is necessary to make a beautiful quilt. Rotary cutters have been used since their introduction for use in garment making in the late 1970’s. These tools are specially designed to cut with a sharp rolling wheel, without having to fold the fabric unnecessarily. When choosing a rotary cutter, consider buying a set to accommodate different needs.

Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set

Along with the quilting kit, a cutting set is an essential for beginners. Without a proper cutting set, the whole thing will not be accurate. To solve the problem of exact measurement, Fiskar has brought an incredible tool for the quilters at a beginner’s level. Experts often complete these tasks with or without tools. But a newbie must need some tools for cutting the quilting sheets at an accurate measurement.


It has all the required tools and scales that a quilter needs. Let’s talk about them! The set includes a stick rotary cutter. The cutter has a 45mm blade that rolls flawlessly across even the thickest fabric.

After opening the package, there is a mat for cutting. It can cut multiple layers of sheets at the same time. An acrylic ruler is added for taking the actual measurement of the sheets and designing them while sewing.

The warranty is for a lifetime. If there is any problem, the manufacturers will fix it anyway. The cutting mat’s size is 1.5X2ft or 18X24 inches. These are the essential features that every cutting set includes.


The cutting set has had plenty of positive feedback from real customers. The included ruler fulfills every requirement needed from a quilter’s ruler, eliminating the need to purchase one separately.

One advantageous side of buying a cutting set is that the various sized two-sided rolling blades give a free cutting privilege. It becomes easy to cut and sew without any predefined shape. Unlike some other cutting mats, this will fit on a table and boards, but it saves the upper surface of the table.

Cutting on the mat will not harm the surface. The extra-large size of the mat allows it to fit into anything. If space is small, folding it is easier than expanding. As this kit is for beginners, the ruler includes all the possible measurements of quilting sheets.

The lifetime warranty ensures the customer will feel free to complain or report any issue regarding the kit at any time. The process is quick and easy. There is no need to hurry while cutting the quilting sheets. It does not require any particular learning method. The manual is given inside the package.


Most of the customers are happy with the product, though some mentioned complaints to do with the size of the included mat. The quilters who complained of this issue seemed to all prefer to work on the floor.

Perhaps the company should consider making two or more different sizes, to accommodate different work spaces. Despite the mat’s size, the cutting set by Fiskar is truly awesome, and the kit is a must-have for beginner quilters.

A High-Quality Sewing Machine

Many experienced quilters prefer to complete their craft by hand, but they cannot deny that the use of a sewing machine can make for a more beautiful finished product, and faster. Choosing to use a sewing machine while quilting can also prevent injury to delicate hands and fingers caused by the handling of sharp needles.

Users should caution themselves when using a sewing machine for the first time; this is not a machine that your hand wants to get in the way of. Most good and reputable companies offer products with safety features installed for user relief.

Singer Confidence Quilter – Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Once a quilter cuts the fabric sheets correctly, sewing becomes necessary. It is the next and most important part of quilting. Some say that sewing is the difficult part of quilting. Quilters can work by hand or by sewing machine.

But this computerized machine by Singer is the best in the market. Being a prominent brand within its industry, Singer has manufactured a lot of user-friendly sewing machines, and this is certainly one of them. The outlook, features, and overall appearance give the quilt a professional look.


The Singer Confidence Quilter Factory Serviced Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is highly featured with all the latest technology of sewing. After cutting the sheets, the quilter has to put it in the machine and keep it steady with the other hand.

The Singer Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine works faster than other sewing machines in the market. The needle has an automatic threading system. Also, the bobbin comes with a dropping and sewing technology. The whole system works without any interruption in the quilting sheet.

You can sew in 98 styles. These stitches are different from each other and preferred by the expert quilters. As a beginner, the user must test them properly before using. The automatic needles can be programmed, and this feature allows the quilter to use it as they wish.

An extended and detachable table is attached to the machine. Sometimes the sheet is bigger in size, and the quilter has more to sew. With this machine, the sheet will keep clean because there will be no chance of dropping from the needle.

It has a 25-year warranty card. If their are any problems, contact with Singer will be enough. The servicing department will take care of the product. Every one of these features has made the machine better than the others. The table and stitching styles are especially different and unique from the other quilting and sewing machines.


The Singer Sewing machine for a quilter has a lot of positive sides. People enjoy working with this automatic machine. Unlike the other machines, it is free from lagging. The sewing process is faster and quicker.

The quilter can change the stitching style without changing the needle. Pre- programmed needle movement is also a great merit of the machine. Powering up the machine is enough for a regular stitching process.

The needle will automatically do the rest. It does not require much electricity. So, it will save the cost of electricity during a sewing process. The warranty of 25 years is a big reason for choosing the machine. It helps the quilter to remain safe while having any issue with the sewing tool.


There are some simple problems with the machine. It is reportedly heavier than the other machines. Some users said that the price of this machine is on the higher end, but Singer is a famous brand in manufacturing very high quality and functional sewing machines.

Some say the needles cannot adapt with a quilting sheet of high-end quality. It gets broken easily. Any fluctuation in the electrical line may damage the quality of the power supply of the machine. Though the machine has some issues with its working procedure, both the intermediate and beginners love it for quilting.

A Good Set Of Pins

The best quilts are not made without the use of pins. The fabric must be securely held in place while sewing to prevent any irreversible error. Some companies make clips for use in sewing and quilting. These are reportedly just as effective as regular pins, but do not damage the fabric or the hands.

Set of 50 Piece Embroidex Premium No Pins

Pins are no longer required for sewing a quilt, because of this Set of 50 Piece Embroidex Premium No Pins. These pins are more like clips but are claimed to be as effective as pins without causing damage to the fabric.

They also stay securely in place, freeing users from such problems as having to attach and reattach pins while sewing or crafting. For a beginner, this tool decreases any stress related to putting pins in the right places. Users also love the unusual appearance of these “no-pins,” claiming that they make for a more interesting experience while quilting.


The major features of the Set of 50 Piece Embroidex Premium No Pins are described very little online, except that no pin is within these clips, causing no damage to the fabric. The quilter can see through these clips as well while crafting or quilting.

These clips are available in five colors. The feeding factor is smooth, giving a flawless movement when sewing with the use of a machine. There is a decreased chance of any mistake when using the Set of 50 Piece Embroidex Premium No Pins, as they do not permanently alter the craft in any way. The spring ensures that there will be no chance of detaching while sewing.


With the use of these clips, the quilter can concentrate on quilting more creatively rather than focusing on the clips. A smooth sewing experience will make quilting better in any way. When quilters used pins, the quilt sheets would be ridden with holes. By using these clips, the crafting process can move ahead smoothly due to the flat base.


There are not many complaints about these clips. Some customers proposed that the clips could be manufactured with a harder material. Otherwise, real customers love these pins, and they are very highly recommended especially by beginner sewers and quilters.


For those looking to pursue quilting as a hobby, those with little quilting experience, and expert quilters, certain tools are necessary to make a craft successfully.

A Good Beginner’s Quilting Kit

Choose one that contains a good quality fabric, but one that is not too expensive. Make sure that you choose a kit that comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow. It would be a shame to ruin overly expensive fabric with a beginners mistake.

A Good Rotary Cutting Set

You cannot make a quilt without a good cutting set. Fabric can be lost, making for an incomplete craft without proper cutting tools. Experts recommend choosing a set that provides many different tools in one package.

A High-Quality Sewing Machine

While quilting is certainly possible without the use of a machine, even expert quilters recommend one, if not to create a better overall design, then to save on hurt fingers.

A Good Set Of Pins

Pins are necessary to create a beautifully finished quilt. New and innovative “no pins” are used in the same way that regular pins are, but they are easier to spot and don’t damage the fabric.

As always, users are advised to take caution when using any tool or machine for the first time, and young people should use them under the direction of an adult. Rotary cutters are extremely sharp, and sewing machines have been known to cause injury under some circumstances.

Beginners are wise to equip themselves with all of these tools, as recommended by expert quilters, and are also advised not to try to work too quickly.

Each of these tools has the capacity of satisfying the quilter with long lasting usability, and each in a different way. Before beginning a new quilt, beginners should make sure that these tools are ready and on hand, and are advised to read the instructions from front to back before beginning any craft for the first time.

When looking to make a purchase in doubt, it is always helpful to look at real customer online reviews for guidance.

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