Grip & Stitch Free Motion Machine Quilting Disks Review

Grip & Stitch Free Motion Machine Quilting Disks Clever Craft Tools is the best Craft tool for users available in our inventory. For this product, there is no need to advertise so much. Just go through a general informative paragraph related to this, then after reading its pros and cons, consumers will surely order this exceptional product without any hesitation.

Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks were designed to be used instead of gloves to move the fabric for free motion quilting. There are two different sizes of disks included in the package, with various foam on the opposite sides.

This feature provides the best grip range for many different fabrics. With the larger disk in the left hand and the smaller disk in the right hand, place them onto the quilt and begin stitching. Use the disks to move the quilt under the presser foot while stitching at the desired speed, always running the machine faster than the hands are moving.

Quilting Disks can be used for any sewing or quilting machine. Make sure to look at the position of the feed dogs before use. For beginners to free motion quilting, taking a class at the local quilt shop may be helpful. Happy designing!

The circles are made of two various types of froth, one on the top and the other on the base. Utilize either side to grasp while sewing; consumers will find that the dark side appears to have a heavier grip.

Possibly more grip than your garden gloves. Put the disk in the left hand and place it on the outside of the sewing machine. Grasp the smaller plate in the right hand and put it on the sewing machine.

At that point move, the texture with a conventional technique to free-movement knit.  The significant advantages of these plates are that it is less demanding to stop and haul out pins. No more bumbling with pulling off a glove to evacuate a seasoning pin.

They are so natural to get and move. Some consumers may not be efficient with regards to beginning and ceasing. They may require significantly more practice. Be that as it may, you can see that in the practice of stitching almost 50% of your knit will be making strides. This product is a welcome addition to the inventory.


Free-motion quilting can be done with a long arm, mid arm or home sewing machine, thread and fabric. This process allows users to quilt patterns with curved designs, straight stitching, floral patterns or stippling.

Machine quilting is made easy with these useful quilting disks! Put the project into the sewing machine, drop the feed dogs (some devices work without this step), put a disc in each hand and place on the quilt. The discs grip the fabric and quickly slide the quilt around for free motion quilting projects.

This product received overwhelming reviews with a rating of 4.3 out of 5. It is easy to ship as it carries a weight of only 1.6 ounces. Packing is effortless as well with dimensions of 6” x 3.8” x 0.9”. It can be purchased in stores or online.


The positive features of the Set of Grip & Stitch Free Motion Machine Quilting Disks Clever Craft Tools enlisted here are based on the feedback provided by the customers who have used it and shared their experience.

They found that the set of 2 Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks were beneficial. The advantage over magic erasers is that the right one is smaller than the left to help maneuver under the throat plate. The product promotes free motion machine quilting, and it is comfortable to hold onto the project while keeping a steady quilting speed.


There was only one negative aspect reported from a real customer online. The Grip & Stitch Free Motion Machine Quilting Disks Clever Craft Tools enlisted here are based on the review provided by real customers who have used it and shared their experience.  The only comment found was machine configuration not well suited.

Price Comparison

These disks may seem to be an expensive purchase, and there are other products on the market that are comparable but do not offer the same quality. Quilters who require or prefer the use of quilting disks love the durability of these discs and feel that the purchase is worthwhile.


Not even a single customer questioned its quality. Only one objection was raised that machine configuration is not well suited. Experts have tested this machine, and it has received almost entirely positive reviews.

So after carefully dissecting all of the feedback provided by customers and all features of the Grip & Stitch Free Motion Machine Quilting Disks the verdict should be as expected.

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