Glass Blowing, Glass Working Lampworking Supplies Tool Kit Review

Glass Blowing, Glass Working Lampworking Supplies Tool Kit

Glass art has survived through the years and has developed and contributed some of the most eye-flattering pieces all around the world. From the time the process of glassmaking or glassblowing began, it went through so much innovation and to make it what it is today.

For everyone who is into glassworking nowadays, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the tools you need in creating your glass art pieces. One of these is this glass blowing, glass working and lampworking supplies tool kit.

It includes almost every tool you need such as different sizes and kinds of carving tools, hook and picks, tweezers, and shears. In this review, we will check out a supply tool that includes 6 pieces each of the basic glass working tools.


  • 6 piece steel carving set
  • 6 piece hook and picks set
  • 6 piece tweezer set
  • Includes 1 spear shears
  • All pieces are made of high-quality stainless steel material


The first good things about this supply toolkit is that it provides you with all the basic tools for lampworking or glassmaking.

If you are making a variety of shapes and creatively styled glass artworks, you are going to need different kinds of tools. With this product, you do not have to buy separate tools anymore because you get all of it in one set.

These pieces are made of high-quality stainless steel materials. The tools will not rust nor react to extreme conditions such as high heat when designing your hot molten glass. They are durable and can survive even designing mass produced beadworks.

Aside from the tweezers, each piece of the tool is double ended. The six-piece carving set and the six piece hook and pick set are the double purposed. These tools can be shared by more than one artist or glass worker.

The spear shears, on the other hand, is as sharp as it can get.  It can be useful in cutting both soft and hard materials. As with the materials used to make the tweezers, hook and picks, and the carving set, it is rust-free and durable. It has wide handles with a rubber coating.


This 19-piece supply kit provides almost everything a glass or lampworker will need. However, it might only be good for beginners working with small pieces as the tools are designed for shaping small glass objects, such as small beads and marbles. Though each tool is competent and good, it is not going to work with bigger sculptures.

It is good to have a double function in each set and multiple kinds of tools. However, some tools such as the hook and picks have the same functions as the other. There are may be a lot of tools but there is not much difference in some of the functions. As for the spear shears, most shears are sold separately.

The spear shears included in this supplies set work fine but it might not durable enough for heavy-duty cutting. Most users suggest that you get separate spear shears which are really designed for both light and heavy-duty cutting so you would not need separate shears for all range of projects.


You will find many choices in basic supply tool kits on the market, especially now that a lot of people are catching onto this craft. You are given a lot of choices in tools and materials you can buy. This glass blowing, glassworking, lampworking supplies toolkit is one of the wisest choices you can make.

You can make sure that all pieces are useful and nothing goes to waste. You will only buy these pieces once because they will last. With each of the pieces carefully crafted with high-quality stainless steel, you will get your money’s worth.

Not to mention, this glassworking set is affordable compared to other supply kits available on the market. From the carving set, hook and picks set, tweezers, and spear shears, you get all the tools to complement your creativity in producing the best pieces.

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