Glaskolben Sealed End Clear Cylinder 10 Pack Review

Glaskolben Sealed End Clear Cylinder 10 Pack

Glassblowing is a craft that was started hundreds of years ago. To this day, the art of glassblowing and creation is still being practiced.

Glassblowing is a procedure that cannot be performed by a machine—it has to be performed by a skilled craftsperson. Because this is a craft that requires skill, glassblowers have to invest in items that will provide them seamless results.

One of the most essential items in a glass artist’s gear is the blowpipe. In this review, we are going to discuss Glaskolben’s Sealed End Clear Cylinder. We will talk about its features and the manner in which the tool is used.


  • Makes glassblowing procedures simple
  • Gets rid of laborious pulling-point method from glass cylinders
  • Is 90 COE
  • Sold in a pack of ten pieces


Glaskolben’s Sealed End Clear Cylinder is pretty much easy to use according to a number of customers who have used the item. First, you have to light the torch and modify the flame back from a steep point, since bigger flames are more ideal.

Choose one cylinder from the pack and bring it to the back of the flame. Spin the item as it is carried into the hotter spot of the flame. Keep on spinning until the cylinder has a glowing red color and it begins to shrink in size or give way.

However, keep in mind not to let the cylinder’s neck end become as red as the cylinder or it will be difficult to work on. Take it away from the flame, hold the item in an upright then give it an abrupt snap to make it parallel. Blow continuously into the end of the blowpipe to a whole ball while spinning.

Remember not to blow too much because it will give an undesirable effect to the glass. To create a longer shape, keep up with the same procedure while blowing a ball.

Spin the cylinder in the flame until it begins to glow red, then make use of the tweezers to drag the end as far as you prefer while spinning and blowing. After that, put the item in the annealer quickly.

Annealing is the procedure in which the glass artist strengthens fragile glass by heating and gradual cooling. Every manufacturer’s glass might feature a different range of annealing. For Glaskolben, their annealing temperature is set at 950°F or 510°C.

Following the annealing procedure, the end of the blowpipe can be taken away. The most recommended method for this procedure is by utilizing a carbide scoring tool. Take the carbide scoring tool in one hand while grasping the item in the other.

Push the sharp part of the carbide steel on the neck of the blowpipe, and with the thumb of the same hand pushing against the other part, spin the form of the item while cutting the neck. While still grasping the item, tap the end of the blowpipe and it will break off. To complete the item, place an ornament cap on it.

Customers who loved the item agreed that it is an excellent way to practice the art of glassblowing. The pre-worked cylinders, according to some customers have gotten rid of the once-laborious procedure of a significant amount of time that was always meant for the process.

Truly for most customers who bought the product, it made glassblowing for beginners a not-so-intimidating craft to pursue. Many beginning customers who tried the tubes said that it got them hooked on glassblowing and that they would easily recommend the item to interested people who want to try glassblowing themselves.

Another said the cylinders were so exciting to experiment and practice with—individuals who can apply methods and have honed their skills with the item can create beautiful ornaments out of the device.


Several customers said that the product needs more directions and information about concepts and uses for the cylinders. While people can do their own research, providing detailed data about the product would really come in handy.


Individuals who want to try out blowing glass should purchase this product. It is a fun and exciting way to begin your glassblowing pursuits. Glaskolben’s 10 Pack Sealed End Clear Cylinder is recommended for glassblowers both beginners and experienced.

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