Fireworks Beginner’s Beadmaking Kit Review

Fireworks Beginner's Beadmaking Kit

Glass beadmaking is a nice and fun way to pass the time and create wearable pieces of art. It is a hobby that all families and people of all ages can enjoy, just as long as they practice safety precautions.

If you are a glass beadmaking beginner and require a kit that has all the items needed in just one package, you may want to check out Fireworks’ Beginner’s Beadmaking Kit. It is ideal for newbies on the crafting scene who want to familiarize themselves with the creative art of beadmaking.

It has all the gear you need in order to start making colorful and imaginative glass beads. With this kit, beadmaking will surely become your number 1 method to pass the time.


  • Includes 1 Quick-Light self-igniting torch
  • Includes 12 mandrels
  • Includes 1 bead rake
  • Includes 2 marvers; one dotted, one grooved
  • Includes 1 rod scrubber
  • Includes 2 heat-resistant work surfaces
  • Includes 1 canister container
  • Includes 1 bead reamer with diamond finish
  • Includes 1- 4 oz. bead release
  • Includes 15 Italian glass rods
  • Includes 1 fiber blanket
  • Includes manual and DVD


Creating glass beads might look like a challenge, but most crafters will tell you that it is really not that complicated, especially if you have studied the basics. The most popular method of making glass beads is by lampworking or bead wounding. This is performed by warming glass rods through a flame and the molten glass is spun into a mandrel.

In basic glass beadmaking, you will need a variety of tools in order to start the procedure. These tools are crucial since they will always be used. Fireworks’ Beginner’s Beadmaking Kit has all the items you need in order to begin making your own beautiful glass beads.

You may purchase this kit from bead supply warehouses or online stores. These bead warehouses often have a comprehensive line of products that caters to the needs of beadmakers.

Customers who were satisfied with their purchase said that what they like about the product is the fact that it makes the whole deal of glass beadmaking easier for beginners, particularly if they are interested in lampworking but do not want to invest in more high-end tools just yet.

The kit comes with items that every glass beadmaker will need, except the MAPP gas and safety glasses though.

Another customer agreed that it was fun and easy to use. If you have doubts about the craft being a difficult process, you will be surprised to know that glass beadmaking won’t leave you breaking into cold sweats. Customers who were quite satisfied with the kit agreed that they did not have any problems making another bead after their initial try.

According to another customer, the kit had a great selection of glass rods. The majority of customers who bought the kit all agreed that they would recommend the kit for interested individuals without any hesitation.


The kit, though, was met with criticism from a number of customers. According to one, while she is happy with the rest of the package, the instructional video that came with it was non-informative.

Several customers also agreed with this sentiment, with some saying that the video was the same as the clip that the company provides on their official website.

A few customers were also not satisfied that the torch was not sufficiently hot—it was not as hot as a regular oxygen/propane torch.


The majority of customers were happy with their Fireworks’ Beginners’ Beadmaking Kit. They enjoyed the whole package and a majority of customers all agreed that the kit was a great buy. This is a kit that the entire family can enjoy, although children will require strict supervision because of the open flame.

The package also has a nice price for a kit that has all crucial glass beadmaking items. Well worth the splurge, this is a kit that has all the good things—great price, user friendly, and loads of fun to use.

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