Devardi Glass Rod Holder for Lampwork, Bead Making Review

Devardi Glass Rod Holder for Lampwork, Bead Making

Devardi has proven that they can provide the highest quality tools and equipment. When it comes to glassworking, lampworking, or beadmaking, Devardi is something most craft enthusiasts are familiar with. It delivers just the right set of glassmaking basics that will help everyone who is interested in learning the craft the easiest possible way.

Most of the glassworking sets that you can buy from Devardi are complete. But the aim of Devardi is to provide you with better tools that can make things more convenient. The company offers tools that you can buy separately, including the affordable, yet very useful glass rod holder.

When working with hot glass, the rod used as a punty normally has to be handled with extreme care due to the heat involved, and owning a rod holder will be of great help in making the job easier to handle. Some basic beadmaking and lampworking kits come in a complete set, but since they’re for making small beads, rods also come short.


  • It makes holding glass rods with ease
  • Simple mechanism: insert the glass rod and tighten the nut to secure
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It is a two-piece construction that will prevent heat transfer to the hand
  • It can hold up to a 12mm glass rod
  • It is lightweight and well balanced
  • It has a secure lock


Devardi makes this glass rod holder to provide a better glassworking experience for its customers. This simple tool helps glassmakers be comfortable with holding a glass rod even when it becomes hot. It protects your hand from burns which will make you confident in picking it up especially when you are working in a fast paced mode.

When having a hard time using short glass rods, most people would improvise and melt two short glass rods together so it becomes longer and more stable item. But with this glass rod holder, you can easily make a single glass rod.

Using it will not take time and it is as simple as inserting the rod and locking the nut. You do not have to worry that it will rust because it is made of the highest quality stainless steel to endure extreme conditions such as heat and cooling that comes as part of the glassworking process.

It can also accommodate not only a single type but up to 12mm thick glass rods. The nut used to lock the rod is adjustable so you can just turn it more so it tightens when using thinner glass rods.

The Devardi glass rod holder is lightweight and does not make the rod heavier or harder to use in any way. It is also well balanced and heavy duty so you can use it for a long time. Some users have even been able to use theirs since they were starters until they advanced in it.

Instead of risking burning fingers, this low-cost yet high-quality holder is what you need for your rod to better handle your bead or glass.


Although loved by many, there are glassmakers who have not used glass rod holders before. For those who are used to dealing with short glass rods, even when they’re quite hard to, they think of holders as only adding weight to the rods.

Because of the stainless steel material that makes up this Devardi rod glass holder, it sometimes gets slippery when picked up with bare hands especially for those whose hands sweat. Aside from those few, Devardi products have been used by many for tools like this.


For its price, Devardi is giving you a great deal with the quality of its glass rod holder. It will surely be of use for anyone who is enthusiastic to practice their glassworking skills. Regardless if you are a beginner or are advanced in the craft, it is useful and worth its price.

It is provides great protection especially for starters who may not be sure of the handling processes needed. Compared to other brands, this glass rod holder stands out in giving you a well-made product at the lowest possible price.

Overall, with its quality, usefulness, ease of use and durability, Devardi glass rod holder is a must-buy for glassmaking craftsmen out there.

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