Devardi Glass Lampwork, Beadmaking Starter Kit – Basic Review

Are you someone who has the time for crafts at home? If you think glass or bead making as a hobby might be for you, you will surely want to buy the Devardi Glass Lampwork, Beadmaking Starter Kit, which is a basic set of tools for beginners who want to start learning how to make colorful beads.

It is a great way of unleashing creativity through designing your own pieces.

Devardi gives you a simple but complete set of the designing materials you need. It comes with an instructional DVD to help even those who do not have any idea on the process. It contains tutorials and demonstrations which makes it easy for anyone to learn and get into production in no time.


  • Basic Lampwork Starter Kit for beginners contains a DVD with 2 hours of instructional video
  • Has full email support for process reference
  • Includes safety instructions and procedure directions
  • The whole set contains Devardi glass rods in assorted colors, stainless mandrels, a mandrel for styling beads with big holes, aluminium marving plate, stainless rake, a bead release to coat mandrels, cooling fiber blanket, and an aluminium sheet to protect desktop
  • Includes a heavy duty lampworking torch


Whether you have a background in lampworking or you are a total beginner, the Devardi Glass Lampwork Beadmaking Basic Starter Kit will help you get a good hobby going. It is complete with high-quality tools to get you started. All the basics are provided and you will find use for every piece that comes with the kit.

Don’t think that you only paid for just your set; Devardi has already thought of how to help you the best way possible. Customer experience is highly praised and appreciated.

You can call or email them anytime and they will assist you as best they can, and you don’t have to worry even if you do it multiple times—your queries will are welcomed and will be promptly accommodated.

The DVD is definitely another item you t will thank Devardi for. The video instructions are given by Daniel. This man explains the procedures in the simplest way for everybody to easily understand. Novice aspiring beadmakers will have no problem following his lead.

The kit and all the pieces are geared toward those who are still learning the craft. It is easy to use and operate. It will make you comfortable with the flame and how glassmaking is done.


The Devardi Glass Lampwork Basic Beadmaking Kit comes with all the tools you will need to get you started. But contrary to what some customers expect, it does not come with gas, which must be purchased separately.

Though optional, there is safety equipment that is best used when working with glass, such as goggles, safety gloves, etc., which are not included in the set.

This particular set by Devardi is intended to make small beads. So, if ever you plan on making bigger beads, you might need a different set.

As this basic starter kit is meant for beginners who are starting small, the pieces in the kit are of smaller sizes and dimensions. There are customers who would prefer for some of the tools such as the rod and metal surface to be larger.

For this, you might have to buy separate pieces if you need an upgrade. But for beginners, you’ve got all that you need.


For its price, the Devardi Glass Lampwork Basic Beadmaking Kit is a good deal. It comes with the necessary tools and guiding materials. Learning techniques with these tools take time but it is part of the learning fun.

Nonetheless, these tools are easy to use and they will let you be creative with the designs you want to make. The basic set also provides you with satisfying and even impressive glass selections.

Devardi gives you one of the best torches which is highly important in beadmaking. It is safe and will let you enjoy the creative process.

Overall, this is a complete set that is of high quality and you can be sure that safety is observed. As a beginner, it will let you enjoy beadmaking for a very reasonable price. All you get in the set is enough to make you produce small but useful beads you can use on your own or even sell to friends.

The product itself is satisfying, and this is made even more worthy because of the customer service that Devardi offers. You will get all the guidance and assistance that you need with every step you take in the process of getting into the pace with this new hobby. You will see for yourself that your convenience and safety is the highest priority.

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