Devardi Glass Roller/Rounding Graphite Marver Review

Glassworking, lampwork, and beadmaking have been crafts done by the ancients. If you want to know when and how it started, you’re going to have to go all the way back centuries.

The culture of the craft continued, and now, even with the presence of machines which can mass produce glass pieces, more and more people are setting their interests on learning how to do glasswork.

Glasswork is a productive hobby that many want to learn and spend their time on. Basic glassmaking kits, and tools are within your reach anytime you decide on getting into the art. One of the most important and useful tools that you will want to have is a beadmaking roller or rounding graphite marver.

You don’t have to look anywhere else because as usual, Devardi provides us with top-quality, durable, and useful tools such as their rounding graphite marver.

This tool is one that can accommodate different sizes of beads and pieces you are working on. It allows you to go with your creativity and easily polish your pieces into round or round-edged items.


  • It is a high-quality graphite marver
  • Dual purpose: easily making round and square shapes
  • Sized 2” x 3”
  • Has a strong steel handle
  • Easy on the hands with the rubber plastic grip on the handle
  • Lightweight at 13 ounces for easy lifting
  • It is durable and lasts long


Once you’ve started and completed a few glass products, you will surely want to make more, and perhaps further enhance your skills. With that, creating more shapes and a variety of designs will become a challenge, so you will need easy-to-use tools and equipment.

This rounding graphite marver is a multi-purpose tool that will help you with your designing needs.

Firstly, it weighs just 13 ounces, which makes it easy to handle. So whether you place it on your working table or lift it for shaping, the weight won’t be excessive.

Second, the size, 2” x 3”, accommodates not only the smallest beads but also a variety of sizes. With its size, it is easy enough for anyone to handle, regardless of whether they are young or old.

Another thing that is good with Devardi roller or rounding graphite marver is that you won’t hurt your hand even if you hold it long and repeatedly due to the rubber grip on the handle which protects the hands of the user.

You may not only use it for round edges but also for flattening. The graphite marver has two round shapers. On the back, it is flat and may be used for flat shaping.


Many users are happy with the simplicity and usage of this tool. However, there are also some who prefer an aluminum marver rather than this kind. Aluminum is a heat conductor and therefore, it can hold heat better while you take your time shaping the piece.

That is why most glassworkers would prefer an aluminum marver. With an aluminum marver, the piece cools down slower. This allows you to have more time shaping before the glass has to be taken back into the glory hole furnace to heat again.

If you are making various sizes of glass pieces, the size of this graphite marver might also not be enough. It will surely do for those who make small beads, who do not need a bigger sized one, especially for wearable beads.

But if you are gradually increasing the size of your pieces, you might need a bigger one that can accommodate not just beads but larger glass figures.


The Glass Lampwork, Beadmaking Roller/Rounding Graphite Marver is yet another great deal from Devardi. It is a separate piece that is useful for every glassworking enthusiast. When it comes to price, this graphite marver serves its purpose.

It is priced higher than other single pieces sold but its durability compliments its worth. This rounding graphite marver, above all, is proven to work great. Not only that is it useful, it is durable and works great for all your beadwork.

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