Devardi Glass Lampwork 8-Hole Graphite Marver Review

Glassblowing is a fun and rewarding hobby or career. But before you get into this pursuit, you must first study and get trained in order to fully know the methods. Once you are familiar with the steps in applying those methods, you can now look for materials that are used for the process.

One of the materials used in this craft is the marver. This article will disclose what it does and will also focus on one example of a marver, Devardi’s Glass Lampwork 8-Hole Marver.

The Devardi Glass company provides graphite marvers and other devices used for lampwork and glassblowing at prices you can afford. This marver is easy to use and even beginners can have fun with it during their initial tries. Lampworking is a kind of glasswork wherein the lamp or torch is mainly used to melt glass.

As soon as the glass is in a melted condition, it is then cast by blowing and forming by way of hand motions and tools. It is also known in the business as torch working or flameworking since today’s methods do not call for the use of oil lamps anymore.

There is no definite evidence as to when this method was first used, but the earliest documented glass item that was lamp worked is a collection of beads that were thought to date back as far as the 5th century BC.

The method was applied widely in Murano, Italy, in the 1400s. By the middle of the 19th century, the lampwork method was added to the manufacture of paperweights especially in France, wherein it became a known form of art.

Lampworking is actually different from glassblowing since the latter makes use of a furnace as its chief heat source, although some methods call for the use of a torch.

Lampworking is used to produce beads, marbles, figurines, small containers, ornaments and a lot more. It is also utilized to produce scientific items and glass models of flora and fauna. It can be done with a variety of glass types, but the most typically used material is lead glass and soda lime glass since they are both considered as soft glass.

There are a number of devices used to apply the lampworking method. One of them is the marver. The marver is a device that is employed in glassblowing. It is built from polished steel surface that is fastened to a wooden or metal table.

W heated segment of glass is trundled on the device for two specific aims: to work on the shape of the glass and to control its temperature. The marver’s steel has a high capacity thus it can take in the heat coming from the glass, most specifically the external skin.

Since the glass comes into contact directly with the steel, users should see to it that it will be fastidiously maintained. It is typically cleaned with steel wool, then mopped with rubbing alcohol so it will not rust.


  • Features excellent graphite construction
  • Includes 8 holes
  • Has overall dimensions of 11” x 3” x 1.5”
  • Has overall weight of 3 lbs.


Devardi’s 8-Hole Graphite marver is built from excellent graphite material and if given proper care and maintenance, the unit will definitely extend its service. It has 8 holes so it can cover enough sizes. From smaller holes to bigger glass meant for paperweights, this 8-hole model has got you covered.

This is a model for glass makers who want more variety in terms of sizes since they can make a number of glass objects in whatever size they fancy at the moment. The spheres on the tool are smooth and polished to perfection, which makes for beads and orbs with flawless surfaces. As for its weight, it is a sort of hefty 3 pounds.


The product did not pose any disadvantages thus far.


If you are looking for a marver that won’t scrimp on sizes, Devardi’s 8-Hole Graphite Marver is recommended for you. It has holes for marbles and bigger orbs, has quality graphite construction and is well-made to boot.

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