Colored Pyrex Glassblowing Tubes Review

Glassblowing is an ancient art that is still being practiced today by skilled artisans. Due to this innovation, glass is now a crucial item that is found on plenty of products. It has also become a fast-rising hobby among crafters because of its fun and exciting nature.

There are also kits available today for beginners who want a package that includes all of the items they need. For those who want individual products, there are also manufacturers who make separates available.

Kits are ideal for beginners and for those experienced glassblowers who want to experiment with a wider range of items and brands, they can do just that. In this review, we are going to discuss A2Zsale’s 8 Piece Colored Pyrex Glassblowing Tubes and its use to the whole glassblowing procedure.


  • Features borosilicate tubes
  • Is 8” in length
  • Used for blowing glass


These glassblowing tubes from A2Zsale are made from borosilicate or boro material. Boro is mainly used in the glassblowing procedure lampworking. This method entails the artist to use a burner torch to melt and cast glass by means of a selection of graphite and metal devices.

Borosilicate is a hard kind of glass and it also has a greater melting point compared to soft glass, which is favored by most glassblowers who are into beadmaking.

The raw glass that is employed in lampworking comes in glass rods for steady work, and glass tubes for hollow working cylinders, containers, vessels, and vases. Lampworking is also utilized in making complicated and customized scientific equipment.

In fact, many universities and colleges include a lampworking shop to craft and patch up their glassware. For scientific glassblowing or lampworking, the specs should be accurate and the artist should be highly trained and capable of working with utmost accuracy.

Lampworking is also considered an art form and art enthusiasts who dabble in lampworking often create pendants, figurines, goblets, and paperweights among others.

Apart from these borosilicate tubes, glassblowing also requires the use of other tools in order to create products. The inflating is done by means of a blow tube, commonly known as a blowpipe.

Both hand glassblowing and lampworking involves the use of molten glass and a rod or iron that is made from stainless steel which is known as a punty. The difference between these two methods is the procedure that is employed to warm through and work on the glass.

If you opt for hand glassblowing, you will require 3 kinds of furnaces. The first furnace will be used to contain the hot molten glass while the second furnace will warm the glass through and reheat it. The third will be used for slowly cooling the molten glass.

When it comes to the lampworking method, a flame is produced by means of breathing, or bellows, and an alcohol lamp.

Customers who have bought the 8 Piece Colored Pyrex Glassblowing Tubes enjoyed them. They can be used by beginners and expert glassblowers for making glass products. They are also affordable and you can practice the craft without spending a mint, so this is some great value for your hard-earned cash.


The product does not have anything that may cause problems during glassblowing procedures. It was easy to use at best.


There are no reservations; glassblowing is a fun activity. If you want to give glassblowing and lampworking a try, you can have a go with it by using A2Zsale’s 8 Piece Colored Pyrex Glassblowing Tubes. They are reasonably priced and user friendly to boot.

Just remember to follow the correct steps, mind safety precautions, and work in proper conditions to avoid unnecessary accidents. You have to keep in mind that you are working with melted glass at higher temperatures than usual.

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