Finding the Best Quilting Supplies on Amazon

Quilting is a hobby and art that has been around for centuries. There are many factors to consider when you first become interested in quilting. Maybe you need something to do in your free time, or perhaps you are looking for a way to bond with a beloved relative.

Quilters often pass their expertise down through generations, making it a family tradition to pass down quilts as valuable family heirlooms. Before you begin next project, take a look at your quilting supplies.

Could your quilt, when finished, have been better if you had had better supplies? Some quilters grow to have a sentimental attachment to some of their supplies, but it never hurts to use a sharp edge in some situations.


Pins are crucial for saving fabric layers so that you can sew accurately. When you apply pins, you can expect to obtain proper seams, resulting in a more durable quilt. The best choice for a beginner quilter may be a sharp, fine, glass-top pin. The glass top disallows the pin top from softening while ironing.


Sewing needles can be purchased in stores or online, in packages that include one size or a range of sizes. Needles have numbers, one through twelve, and they are referred to as sharps. Sharps are all-purpose needles for piecing and applique work.

These needles are shorter and finer, as the needle number increases. The advised size range for a needle in quilt making is 7-12, so try different sizes to discover a needle size that fits your comfort.

Many kinds of sewing machine needles are available today. Needle sizes are determined by the threads, fabrics, and type of stitch applied. Your sewing machine guidebook will help in making the proper choices.

Rotary Cutter

This instrument looks like a pizza fabric cutter. The blades move extremely quickly, cutting fabric in a way that is fast and smooth.

There are different sizes of rotary cutters. Some experienced quilters use a medium-sized rotary cutter and advise this size to others for beginner use.

Sharp Scissors / Seam Ripper

You should have a long pair and a short pair of sharp scissors handy that are meant for cutting fabric only. There are many types and brands of fabric shears, and good scissors come in handy when cutting around detailed templates or getting into places that the rotary cutter will not reach. A small pair of scissors with a seam ripper and pointy tip are also essential sewing tools.


There are a variety of plastic transparent rulers available today. Rulers are used most often with a mat and rotary cutter. Selecting the best ruler for you can be confusing, simply because there will be so many from which to choose. Ask for recommendations from other experts and your domestic shop, but stick to one that is transparent.

A Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is needed to sew an advance straight stitch. A reserve sewing technique can be applied but is not commonly used. If you love machine applique, you will require a machine that can sew a perfect zigzag or satin stitch.


Some threads are considered to be better than others, but there is a line between buying great thread and overspending on unnecessarily great. Don’t go ahead and purchase the most expensive thread, instead consider spending that same money on a bulk spool of high-quality thread, or a variety of colors to match any fabric.


Fabric may be the most important quilting supply, as it defines the overall and final look of your craft. Again, the most expensive fabrics may not be what you particularly need for your project, but very inexpensive ones may end up costing more in the end. Choose a high quality, cotton fabric that has a design that you love, and make sure to wash it before quilting to prevent warping and shrinking later on.

There are two more things that any experienced quilt maker would recommend – good lighting and comfortable seating. Whatever your favorite tools or supplies are for your hobby, they are useless without proper lighting.

Light is critical for the eyes to execute a project properly, without strain. Additionally, you will want to quilt somewhere comfortable. Invest in a big comfy chair, or beautiful bedding, to improve your mood while quilting. Hobbies are, after all, about having fun and being relaxed.

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