Best Needle Felting Books for Beginner & Intermediate Felters

Needle felting is an increasingly popular craft that is easy to learn and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to buy the supplies. You really don’t need a lot of different tools or equipment to partake in needle felting, which makes it affordable and simple—a great combination. Many beginning needle felters will purchase a set of needle crafting tools which will include the barbed needles of different lengths and widths, as well as the other tools and accessories you will need to make three-dimensional figures using roving wool.

Some sets will include roving wool, which is the wool fiber that is best suited for needle felting. You can easily find roving wool sets available in a rich rainbow of vibrant hues, for less than $20. You can even select finer wool, liker Merino wool, if you want a softer material. After you have your tools and the materials required for needle felting, you need a pattern or design book.

Things to Consider When Choosing Needle Felting Books

It might not seem like there is much beyond design content to consider when choosing between needle felting books. However, needle felting, like any other craft or artistic pursuit, is actually a varied and broad form of art. There are numerous different books that give you creative ideas, show you how to personalize the provided designs, as well as those that provide a wealth of tips and hints on how to become better at needle felting.

Skill Level

The first thing you want to ensure is that you are not getting a needle felting book that is above (or below) your skill level. There are needle felting projects that are suited for beginners, but also complicated projects that are best suited for the seasoned needle felter. It is no fun to get a needle felting book only to find that it is for an expert crafter, when this is your first time needle felting. Some books will include the skill level in the title, but even if they don’t, somewhere in the description you will find the skill level the book is designed for.

Creative Patterns

Next, you will want to look at the actual content. Are you looking for detailed patterns and instructions on how to replicate pre-created designs? Or are you looking for patterns and designs that you can personalize to make your own unique creations? This will help you determine what kind of book you want to get. There are those that are chock full of great predesigned projects, and those that give you the tips and elements you need to create completely unique projects.

New Techniques

There are also books that are more than just collections of needle felting patterns and designs; those that target beginners often provide actual instruction on techniques and skills that will help you better learn how to needle felt. These books provide tips and hints that will help you hone your skill, learn new techniques, and troubleshoot. Many of them will break down the basics of the materials and tools you will need, in addition to explaining how projects are conceptualized. A few will provide different exercises that you can practice so as to really enhance your skill. Some also provide the chance to learn a new style of felting, like wet felting, which might be best for intermediate felters looking for a new challenge!

Needle Felting Books for Beginner Felters

Feltlicious: Needle-Felted Treats to Make & Give

By: Kari Chapin

Because what crafter isn’t a foodie?! If you’re just getting into the craft of needle felting, you’ll definitely want to check out “Feltlicious: Needle-Felted Treats to Make & Give”, by best-selling author, Kari Chapin. With over 30 delicious designs, easy, step-by-step tutorials, and beautiful photos and illustrations, you’ll be cooking up an adorable felted feast in no time!

Needle Felting for Beginners

By: Lori Allen

Lori Allen’s “Needle Felting for Beginners” is the perfect introductory needle felting guide, providing a quick and focused run down of the basics of needle felting.

This is a great book for a novice needle felter, because it keeps to the basics of what a beginner needs to know, like what needle felting is, how to needle felt, and what types of felting needles to use. It includes super easy to follow steps for cute projects to get you acquainted with the craft.

I love the fact that this is an ebook for the Kindle. Instead of lugging a book around while I’m out and about, waiting at a doctor’s office or sitting at the park while my kids play at the playground, all I need is my phone and my little bag of supplies to practice with. Hey, it’s hard for a mom to find time to craft, so I’ll take what I can get!

Adorable Felted Animals: 30 Easy & Incredibly Lifelike Needle Felted Pals

By: Gakken Handmade

If you know your basics, it’s time to put them to the test with one of these “Adorable Felted Animals”, from Gakken Handmade. Animals are one of the most popular needle felting projects, and this book offers 30 different patterns to create! It’ll show you how to develop body shapes for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc. that you can customize with wool colors and patterns of your own choosing.

I particularly love animal projects, because it’s the perfect opportunity to work with needle felting different color wools together to develop a unique color blend, an essential for realistic felted animals. This book shows how to make easy, realistic looking animals that will make all your friends and family ‘Awww!’

Needle Felting Books for Intermediate Felters

Needle Felting From Basics to Bears

By: Liza J. Adams

If you’re a fan of bears, then you’ll love Liza Adam’s “Needle Felting from Bears to Basics”! Even if you don’t have bears on the mind, this needle felting book is full of great tips for beginners and intermediate felters, easy-to-follow instructions, and adorable patterns that you’ll be felting with ease in no time!

One technique that this book focuses on is creating joints so that the arms and legs of your cute teddies can actually move! Many beginner and intermediate books don’t necessarily cover this technique, so I think that makes this a really useful addition to your collection!

Simply Needlefelt

By: Jayne Emerson

Jayne Emerson’s “Simply Needlefelt” is a great book for those who are at a more intermediate level of skill. The book comprises different, beautiful patterns, and also includes detailed instructions and introductions to techniques used in needle felting. This is actually a written tutorial that lets you learn the basics and even more intricate elements of needle felting in a hands-on manner.

In addition to giving basic technique tips and instructions, Emerson also helps you learn how to choose excellent color and design combinations so as to pull together your projects and make them look their best. She provides instructions and ideas for a wide range of different projects, ranging from the traditional felt figurine to scarves and how to make three-dimensional effects on your projects.

Needle-Felting Magic: Easy Machine Techniques and Projects

By: Margo Duke

Margo Duke’s “Needle-Felting Magic” is a unique type of needle felting book. It is best suited for those who have some skill with both needle felting and sewing machines. This book shows you how to make needle felting projects using your sewing machine. She will teach you how to “paint with fiber,” and also gives detailed instructions and patterns for making needle felting projects on your sewing machine.


Needle felting is a fun hobby that is perfect for those with different levels of skill. This is an inexpensive hobby that is easy to learn and has tons of creative potential. This is a craft that doesn’t require a lot of tools or materials; you simply need a small kit of basic tools and your desired colors of roving wool fibers and you have the materials needed to begin needle felting.

Once you have secured all the materials, you need to choose a good design and pattern book. You want a book that is targeted to your skill level, as well as personal style and design needs. These books are actually pretty widely varied, and whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are great books that will get you on your way to needle felting. There are books that are full of complete patterns, those that contain different elements and patterns that let you create your own unique figures, and also books that provide instruction and tips in addition to patterns.

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