7 in 1 Graphite Glass Marble Sphere Round Mold for Glassblowing Casting Lamp Working Review

7 in 1 Graphite Glass Marble Sphere Round Mold for Glassblowing Casting Lamp Working

In this review, we will talk about the 7 in 1 Graphite Glass Marble Sphere Round Mold. It is yet another tool widely used around the world in the art of glassblowing, glassmaking, bead working, and lampwork. A lot of people are now making beautiful pieces such as marbles and beads.

The primary things you need to make glass are the molten glass and the heat. Shapes are another thing. With the help of a shaping tool and an amount of training you will be able to produce or perfect the shapes that you desire.  One of the best tools you can get is this graphite glass marble sphere round mold.


  • 7 in 1 glass marble sphere graphite mold
  • It is made of high-density graphite
  • It has a smooth cavity finish
  • It can be used in multiple ways
  • A useful tool in glassblowing
  • It is easy to use
  • It is durable


The good thing about this 7 in 1 Glass Marble Sphere Graphite Mold is that it combines 7 different sizes of molders in one tool. Usually, round molds are sold separately as singles.

Here, you get 7 different sizes in a single glass sphere mold. Not only will you save on the price, you will save time by having all your needed molds for completing your small glass pieces.

There is versatility in this tool. Not only can you use it for shaping marbles, it can also help you shape different sizes of beads.

Now worries about the texture of your beads or marbles in the mold will disappear and your product will come out flawless because of the smooth cavity finish of this sphere mold. Your pieces will just be as perfect as you want them to be.

There are glassworkers and beadmakers who are not only into the production of regular glass pieces, some consider glass making as an art, and to these people, it is important to have tools that will help them be versatile in their designs. This tool will help you easily and conveniently explore various sizes.


This round mold actually functions the same as other sphere molds. For glass workers who produce uniform pieces such as beads and marbles for selling, a single sized sphere mold is preferably used. All other sizes are not going to be very useful.

Another thing with this tool is that it is priced a little higher than most available sphere molds of its type. It can also be very small. It is meant only to make smaller beads and marbles.

Many would prefer for it to be a bit bigger and have more variations in the amount of glass each sphere can mold. Some suggest for it to have a cone rim so it can accommodate a non-specific amount of glass.

Unlike other single sphere molds, the shape of this tool and how each sphere mold is placed beside the other may hinder some styling techniques of artists, such as when they carve on the other end of the glass piece.

With the wider platform that it has, some designs might not be achieved especially when making a round but uniquely shaped marbles or beads. If you are an artist who likes to explore and do a lot of carving and shaping, a single sphere mold will give you the space to create your desired outcome of the shape.

The 7 in 1 Glass Marble Sphere Graphite Mold could use a little more improvement on its size. Again, it could offer more variety in terms of the amount of glass it can handle. This way, more variety in round sizes can be done with one tool.

Second, it could possibly be better in a different form. Its square shape can be friendly to the carving process if the glass spheres are aligned rather than placed as it is in this multiple mold.


In general, the 7 in 1 Glass Marble Sphere Graphite Mold is a good pick for you if you are experimenting and would like to make use of the various sizes of sphere molds all provided in one tool.

It is naturally priced higher because it combines many sphere molds into one. Among other multiple glass sphere molds, it is fair in cost, but you will find some more design options.

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